Biography Melanie Francesca

After graduating from Venice Art Academy, Melanie Francesca has exhibited across Europe and the Middle East: in Dubai under the patronage of the minister of the culture his highness Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan ( Her concept of being an artist is circular, comprehensive and embraces the meaning of creativity in many expressions like writing, drawing and painting. As a novelist, she has published 13 books from 1998 to 2007, among them 9 novels. She is also a TV personality that worked in several talkshows as a character and as opinionist (interview and talkshows).
In art, the mystery revealed through the path of the narration, between conceptual and figurative, is an aim to speak and interact with the audience in a language that is immediate, strong, communicative and, consequently, understandable. Art for Melanie is not a question mark that is thrown at the audience, but rather a magic realm, a dreamlike voyage and a suspension of the spirit in beauty. Art is a suggestion, a philosophy and an answer.

In 2017 has published L’Occidentale with Cairo editore, aN hilarious comedy about the life in Dubai.

She lives in Dubai with her family.


1997 Luna di carne, Tranchida editore
1997 Cocktail, Gremese
1997 Angeli d’asfalto, Olympia press
1998 La gang, ed Trentini
2000 Giorni di Sabbia, ed il portico
2002 Adrenalina, Gremese editore
2004 Catalogo arte
2003 Caccia d’amore, Gremese editore
2005 Arabian Blonde, Mondadori
2007 Vampiria
2015 Catalogo d’Arte THE BOX
2017 L’Occidentale (Cairo editore)
2018 La donna perfetta (Cairo editore)

Attuamente collabora con L’Alto Adige e il Mattino


2003 Abu Dhabi (United Arabs Emirates) personale sotto il patrocinio del ministro della cultura Nahyan bin Mubarack al Nahyan, in presenza dell’ambasciatore svizzero Francoise Barras
2003 Dubai (United Arabs Emirates) personale sotto il patrocinio del ministro della cultura
2005 Galleria Cortina, Milano, Icone sessuali del nostro tempo, prefazione Giampiero Mughini

2015 Dubai, Pro art gallery, sotto il patrocinio di suo altezza il ministro della cultura Nahyan Bin Mubarack al Nahyan
2016 Art Dubai, THE BOX (vedi
2017 Cap Contemporary Art Platform (Kuwait).